To ensure the highest levels of quality in all our products, at ASHES TO LIFE we manage the entire process, from the control of raw materials to processing, the design, manufacture, and even retail, using ecological, sustainable and recycled materials.

But we do not just pay attention to the materials, we also pay attention to the processes, by ensuring the total traceability of our production. Also, we request and demand certificates to achieve a lower environmental impact.


ASHES TO LIFE ecological cosmetic products of ash are within Category I “Ecological Cosmetic Product (Biological or Organic).” They have the seal of ECOLOGICAL CERTIFICATION of the international and independent entity Bio-inspecta, which ensures the highest quality of them and guarantees the care of people’s skin.

The natural and organic cosmetic products that carry this seal follow the BioVidaSana Standard, certified by Bio-inspecta. This seal promotes ethical values of production such as responsible consumption, fair trade or artisanal production. And it is characterized by its high degree of transparency and requirement in compliance with the Standard so that the information that reaches the final customer is clear and truthful.

To obtain the ecological certificate in our cosmetic ash products, we have had to comply with the requirements of the BioVidaSana Standard, which establishes a minimum of 95% of ingredients from organic farming to obtain their certificate. Likewise, to obtain this certification that guarantees the traceability and integrity of organic and natural cosmetic products, raw materials or finished products such as those of ASHES TO LIFE have met the following parameters:

– They have not been subjected to irradiation processes.

– They are not tested with animals.

– They do not contain transgenic ingredients nor are they made from them.

– They do not integrate nano-particles.

– Its production process does not harm the environment or health.

Also, the main ingredients of the certified cosmetic product should be:

– Natural ingredients (preferably certified organic) of vegetable or animal origin.

– Ingredients of mineral origin (such as clays, salt, etc.)

– Other ingredients allowed additives or auxiliaries for manufacturing.

The BioVidaSana Standard specifies which synthetic products cannot be used as ingredients of certified cosmetic products. These are especially chemical compounds, about which there are doubts about their innocuousness for the environment or the health of people.

The laboratory where we make the cosmetic products of ASHES TO LIFE has passed the corresponding sanitary controls, and all the batches of our soaps are subjected to strict quality controls through the analysis carried out by an authorized control laboratory.