There are documents of ancient cultures such as the Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman, which refer to the use of soap.

This is the case of the Ebers Papyrus, one of the oldest known medical treaties written about 1500 BC. The Egyptians used a soapy paste of ash and clay mixed with natural oils, resulting in an essential cosmetic resource for the upper classes of society. These soaps, in addition to being used to cleanse the body, were prescribed by doctors to care for the skin.

Recovering and respecting the historical soap making process, in ASHES TO LIFE we develop our ash soaps at an ecological cosmetics lab rigorously incorporating up-to-date science (R + D + i), which guarantees a maximum benefit for the skin.

Our organic soaps show features that make them genuinely unique:


We use this handmade process in which vegetable oils are not subjected to high temperatures at any time. In this way, all their vitamins, antioxidant power and the natural glycerin generated during the process remain intact.

This makes our soaps nourishing and moisturizing for the skin, unlike those manufactured by hot saponification process (above 200ºC) which eliminates any benefit for the skin.

Keeping the properties of the raw materials intact requires longer processing and drying times in the artisanal method. However, it’s a determining factor in the quality of the product.


The oils and butter of our soaps are certified as first pressed and ecologically produced. In this way, they keep all their properties and provide exceptional results.


All our products are made with pure essential oils that not only offer aroma but their beneficial properties.

We never use synthetic perfumes because of their toxicity

– ASH:

The vegetable ash used in our products exfoliates while provides the skin with its active minerals.

And all this, because for ASHES TO LIFE innovation is much more than just creating or incorporating new features. To innovate is to research in history and culture to learn from it, and to incorporate scientific rigor into its products to adapt them to the needs of today’s society.


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