Not all soaps we find in the market today are made in the same way. 99% of them are industrially manufactured (hot saponification above 200º), removing glycerin and destroying most of the valuable properties of the oils, resulting in a very different product that it’s also labeled as “soap.”

ASHES TO LIFE has recovered the traditional production process (cold saponification), to manufacture all its ash soaps using only organic vegetable oils and butter of first cold extraction.

During the making of our high quality ecological cosmetic ash soaps,, the used vegetable oils are not subjected to high temperatures at any time, so they keep their vitamins and antioxidant power, in addition to containing the glycerin generated during the saponification, which makes these Soaps especially nourishing and moisturizing.

On top of that, we only use vegetable oils of organic first cold extraction production, which guarantees that the oils are free of pesticides and phytosanitary products that are used in conventional agriculture, not only that, as they have not been refined, nor subjected to high temperatures in their extraction process, they reach the hands of our customers with all their properties intact.

Our soaps made with cold saponification and organic oils can be used to cleans the softest facial skin or even removing makeup, moisturizing it and providing with nutrition. It’s the purest form of soap, and that’s what makes it the highest quality soap we can find in the market. This is how we will make our genuine ASHES TO LIFE ash soaps.

High quality organic certified cosmetic products totally respectful with the environment that guarantee the maximum benefit for the skin.