The ecological cosmetics and accessories of ASHES TO LIFE are totally respectful with the environment. The ashes used to make our products come from of organic sources. These, in addition to delivering their active plant based mineral principles, have a great capacity to absorb toxins and impurities, improving the flexibility and smoothness of the skin.


Recovering and respecting the historical soap making process, in ASHES TO LIFE we develop our ash soaps at an ecological cosmetics lab rigorously incorporating up-to-date science (R + D + i), which guarantees a maximum benefit for the skin.

We use organic extracted oils without subjecting them to high temperatures so that they keep all the properties of the oils intact by when they get to our clients’ hands.

In this way ASHES TO LIFE soaps are more moisturizing and nourishing, preserving their antioxidant power and vitamins.


When a forest burns, nothing remains but ash.

But, what if we could turn those ashes into life?

This is the purpose of ASHES TO LIFE Project:

To elaborate ecological products with a small portion of ash from the very forest that has been burned and then use the benefits from their sale to restore those same forests through an Ecological Restoration Protocol.In this way, we bring the forest back to life from the ashes.

To be able to carry out this purpose with all the guarantees and reproduce it at any affected area, we must carry out a preliminary investigation, for which we have the help of Public Administrations, committed organizations and professional experts in the ecological restoration of ecosystems.


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If you represent an organization, company or individual  and want to collaborate with  ASHES TO LIFE Project, elaborating a specific solidarity product that helps to recover a burned area or you want to ask a question, contact us through the following email address: or by filling out the form: