Ashes to Life is a Spanish firm born to take care of people’s skin and the planet. Combining nature and innovation, we created a luxurious range of ash products to experience deeply sensory qualities and generate a positive impact.

Our story began when Alejandro de Antonio, co-founder of Ashes to Life, witnessed how a forest that he frequented in the Malaga area was reduced to ash after a fire. That bleak image led him, along with a group of nature lovers, to seek a solution that would help bring life back to those burned-out forests.

After a long period of documentation and study along with professionals from different fields, they came to the conclusion that ash itself could be the very solution if they managed to transform it into products the same way it was done back in the day in ancient civilizations.

We are currently developing our Environmental Research Project ASHES TO LIFE, with the intent of bringing the burned forest back to life from their own ashes. To finance it, we allocate 10% of the benefits from the products we create with different certified plant ashes.

Creating luxury products of natural origin applying the latest technology in an environmentally friendly way. This is how we understand that the future of cosmetics should be. But also, the cosmetics of the present.

We develop ecological cosmetics and extremely effective treatments through R & D & with a sustainable approach. To do this, we select plant active components under these criteria: properties of the source plant, concentration of active components, sustainable production process, traceability, and complementarity interaction between the different active components.

Strictly following these criteria, we have created exquisite formulas that allow us to transfer the timeless beauty of nature to the skin.

ASHES TO LIFE #CareForYourSkinAndThePlanet 


If you represent an organization, company or individual  and want to collaborate with  ASHES TO LIFE Project, elaborating a specific solidarity product that helps to recover a burned area or you want to ask a question, contact us through the following email address: project@ashestolife.es or by filling out the form: