The forests of the Planet are essential for our survival. They are responsible for climate regulation and, also, provide us with food and raw materials.

Unfortunately, many of these ecosystems are disappearing at an accelerated rate due to indiscriminate felling, urbanization processes and, of course, fires. The current climate change scenario associated with the increase in temperature and the decrease in rainfall is amplifying the incidence and virulence of forest fires, generating serious ecological, economic and social losses.

Faced with this need to find solutions and help restore forests burned by fires, ASHES TO LIFE is created. Our mission is to bring back to life the burned forests, transforming a small portion of ashes into different organic personal, domestic and industrial hygiene products whose sale allows us to finance the recovery of those burned forests through the development of our environmental ASHES TO LIFE Project.

Currently, in addition to the various accessories made with ash from cleaning and controlled pruning of forests managed in a sustainable manner, we have different ecological cosmetic products made with coconut shell ash. But we plan to go further. We want to investigate and incorporate different types of plant-based ashes to launch new products on the market, as the origin of the ash determines its properties and the way it benefits the skin.


If you represent an organization, company or individual  and want to collaborate with  ASHES TO LIFE Project, elaborating a specific solidarity product that helps to recover a burned area or you want to ask a question, contact us through the following email address: project@ashestolife.es or by filling out the form: