Ash and mineral acrylic resin soap dish “ANAHO”


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Carefuly designed handcrafted countertop soap dish with sustainable materials to keep the properties of soap bars intact.

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11 x 8.5 x 1.5 cm rectangular soap dish.  Designed to ensure the soaps are kept in optimal conditions and hold their properties intact after use, facilitating drainage and allowing airflow around the soap. Its elegant design and simple lines make this accessory eassy to integrate into any bathroom style. Made with ash and mineral acrylic resin (natural mineral powder mixture and pure water-based acrylic liquid).

The characteristic of this bathroom complement lies in the harmony between its shape and the sustainable materials used in its making. These have been carefully selected to combine strength, durability, lightness, safety, ecology and style. The mixture of ash and mineral acrylic resin does not contain solvents or volatile organic compounds (VOC), making this bathroom accessory respectful with the environment.

These soap dishes show a smooth and matt stone effect in two color finishes: Ash Gray and Mineral Gray. They have been handcrafted so they present slight irregularities on the surface making each piece unique.

Weight: 140 / 150g.

How to Use

To eliminate soap residues and preserve its durability and original appearance, it’s recommended to use water and ecological cleaning products. Rub the soap dish using the soft part of a sponge. Then let air dry.

However, due to the porosity of the material, the soap dish may present slight shades after contact with the soaps.


Certified ash from controlled pruning of sustainable forests; Acrylic resin mineral / polymer based on water; Ecological waterproofing 100% compatible with the environment containing only hydrogen, oxygen and calcium (abundant elements in nature, none of which have any toxicity to humans or the environment).


On planet Earth there are numerous natural formations with a pyramidal shape. This is the case of Anaho Island, a rocky peak located in the Indian Reservation of Pyramid Lake, Nevada, United States. This island, which is highly restricted, emerges naturally from the lake. Home and refuge of many species, It’s a protected area that conserves its biodiversity. The name of the Anaho soap dish, its design and the materials of choice are based on this formation. A piece to protect and preserve the natural properties of our soaps inspired by the figure of the pyramid: which symbolizes the power of life over death. In other words, the essence of ASHES TO LIFE: the creation of life from the ashes.

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